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         Unsaturated Polyester                     Resins
  General Purpose (G.P.)
  Isopthallic Resin (ISO Resin)
  Rooflight (Sheet)
  Flame Retardant (FR) Resin
  Gelcoat GP
  Gelcoat ISO
  Gelcoat Acralic
         Chopped Strand Mat
  Powder Bonded
  Emulsion Bonded
  Woven Roving (W/R)
  Surface Mat
    Welcome to Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd.


We, Ananya Fibrochem PVT. LTD, are one stop Solution for any type of FRP Raw Material like Unsaturated Polyster Resin and Chopped Strand Mat in India since 2003. Our company was established by Director Mohit Agrawal . We understand that our reputation is only as good as the reputation of the materials that go into our products.  And if a unique application requires a specially formulated material, our technical staff will assist you in developing a compound to your exacting specifications

         M.E.K.P. ( CATALYST)

"A substance added to a polyester in a certain quantity to allow the polyester to cure (Harden). Peroxides are the catalysts used with polyester"

         COBALT (Accelerator)

"A high active oxidizing material suspended in a liquid carrier used to accelerate the decomposition of peroxide catalysts into highly reactive free radicals. These free radicals react readily With polymer and monomer molecules to cure a thermoset resin."

         PVA POWDER
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