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         M.E.K.P. ( CATALYST)

"A substance added to a polyester in a certain quantity to allow the polyester to cure (Harden). Peroxides are the catalysts used with polyester"

         COBALT (Accelerator)

"A high active oxidizing material suspended in a liquid carrier used to accelerate the decomposition of peroxide catalysts into highly reactive free radicals. These free radicals react readily With polymer and monomer molecules to cure a thermoset resin."

         PVA POWDER
  Isophthalic  Resin (ISO Resin)

We are trader of the Isophthalic Resin that is a medium viscosity, Unsaturated Polyester Resin based on Isophthalic acid. It is specially designed for corrosion resistant applications. It exhibits excellent mechanical properties along with good chemical resistance compared with other isopthalates and orthophthalates.


Chemical Tanks/Pipelines
Fume extractor
Chemical equipment


ISO Resin is a medium viscosity, medium reactive polyester resin based on Isophthalic acid and superior glycols. It exhibits good mechanical and electrical properties together with good chemical resistance compared to general-purpose resins.
ISO Resin rapidly wets the surface of glass reinforcements resulting in fast curing and a tack free surface. It is recommended for moderate chemical resistance applications. At moderate temperatures, the resin has good resistance to water, acids (dilute to medium concentrations), weak bases and good resistance to petroleum solvents like vessels, tank linings, ducting, fume hoods and many other applications requiring good chemical resistance and superior mechanical strength compared to orthophthalates.


Unreinforced castings of ISO resin show a commendable degree of resistance to most inorganic and organic acids at ambient temperature, with the exception of strong oxidizing acids. It also resists oils, plasticizers and inorganic salt solutions. Strong acids and alkalis attack ISO resin. In boiling water orthophthalate resin showed signs of disintegration within 40 hours, whereas ISO resin showed no disintegration even after 60 hours. In 10% sulfuric acid and 5% aqueous caustic soda also, ISO resin showed much superior resistance compared to general-purpose orthophthalate resin. In the latter reagent specimens of orthophthalate resin disintegrated within an hour.


The polyester resin remains stable for 3 months at 300C in the dark and 4 months at 250C. The resin stability deteriorates markedly at elevated temperature, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. ISO resin has a flash point of 340C and is classified as flammable. "NO SMOKING " rules should be strictly followed. In case of spillage, use sand or earth to absorb and shovel off for disposal as per local regulations, In case of fire, use dry chemical foam, Carbon dioxide or water spray to extinguish the flame.
The Polyester resin is packed in HDPE carboys and epoxy coated steel drums HDPE barrels (30, 35, 40 & 225kgs) of standard size net weight. Special packing size offered for projects on returnable containers and on demand. Technical services are also provided to comply standards.


Never add metal salts (Accelerator) or Pre Accelerated resin to Peroxides when adding peroxides to a resin solution, mix thoroughly the resulting product Do not add organic peroxides to a hot diluents or process. Prevent contamination of Accelerator, promoter from materials like ( Iron Copper, Cobalt ) salts, storing acids and sanding dusts. Suggested containers are glass, polypropylene, Teflon, Poly-ethylene or stainless steel to prevent contamination of material during its handling.

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